Top 7 Best Framing Tool Belt Reviews for 2024

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best framing tool belt

Admit it, we all had to experience mismanagement while framing with numerous tools. This could be easily avoided if we carried the best framing tool belt with us. But who thought a tool belt could be that useful?

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Putting all the gear in a bag or a box and carrying that around wherever you go by your hand, doesn’t sound quite an interesting idea, does it? The same purpose can be conveniently met by a framing kit belt. All you do is just wear it on your waist and carry all the necessary gear putting each one of them where they belong. With accurate holders and pouches to support all types of framing appliances, a framing gear strap is the best tool belt option for any carpenter for framing tasks. But where to find one? Well, right here. We have reviewed the 7 best framing gear belts that you can’t afford to miss.

7 Best Framing Tool Belt Reviews

From scratching your head to getting seriously confused – anything is possible for you while you glance at the options you have. There are literally thousands of products trying to grab your attention, whether you are shopping offline or online. You can easily bypass all the distractions by going through our best 7 framing tool belt reviews that are available on the market. Keep reading until the end, and you will find out why.

Quality Framing Tool Belts

Occidental Leather 8089 M Framing Tool Belt Set Review (Best Overall)


Our very first pick Occidental Leather 8089 is truly a standout piece of top-quality is considered. Coming from the house of the famous Occidental Leather, the brand itself is synonymous with the best quality.

Easily Adjustable

You can put the belt on regardless of your waist size. From small to Ttipple X Large size, Occidental has got your back with size variety. This one has 9 holes to get tucked with a buckle, which kind of takes the adjustability to one step further. Move the buckle right and left to find the perfect place for the buckle for your size. With all these different size options, it is specially made for all DIY enthusiasts. Moreover, it holds on to your lower wear pretty tight, preventing it from falling down whatsoever.

Premium-Built Belt

All the leather and nylon materials used in this framing tool belt are of high quality. Without the exact quality requirement matched, it will be subject to early wear and tear. But not in the case of Occidental 8090 M. The genuine leather and industry-quality nylon are intelligently mixed-up which reduces the load of the builder. Not to mention, this one is expected to last for years for its unmatched durability.

NoSpill System

Many carpenters and workers complain that even if they are using a framing tool belt, the kits are dropping off from it while moving around. To prevent this, Occidental came up with a brilliant design of framing tool belt pockets that hold onto the gear with enough friction. This helps the gear to hold on to the pocket of workers, even if you are briskly walking.

Scratch-Resistant Design

Thanks to the industrial nylon that contributes to most of the body of the tool belt, it hardly gets any scratches. Investing in it for a long time basis, you will never want it to pale off very quickly, especially back annoying scratches here and there. As a carpenter, it is obvious that your belt will come in contact with sharp objects, but the scratch resistance mechanism in this framing tool belt will retain the fresh look for years.

Convenient Design

The pockets in it are well-shaped by the padded two-ply tool bags. With time, most of the ordinary framing tool belts get loose and can hardly hold with gloves more than one tool in them. Having a padded two-ply bag, holds the shape of the pocket, even after quite a lot of use. Moreover, the corner reinforcing and leather gear holders add to its perfection.


  • Built with premium quality materials
  • It comes with variable sizes for proper adjustment
  • Designed with hand-specific holders
  • A total of 22 pockets and holders
  • Best choice framing tool belt
  • Abrasion-resistant and prevents spilling off
  • Available for left-handers


  • The pockets may seem smaller for taller users


For most of the DIY and carpentry works, this tool belt type is more than just perfect. It may not have a stand-out attractive look, but it can surely be considered as a smart trade-off for superior quality.

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Occidental Leather 5089 M Seven Bag Framer Tool Belt Reviews (High Quality)


Well, another Occidental in the pack, gentlemen! Occidental’s 5089 framing tool carriers don’t seem to disappoint any carpenter! Here’s what you should know about the 5089 M.

Top Build-Quality

Made from top-grain high-quality leather, the belt body means durability. You can expect this genuine leather body to last quite a long time, experiencing less wear and tear. With industry-quality nylon used as the primary ingredient, you can easily wear it in any environment and still find it shining as new.

Supports Rhythm Of Your Work

Its well-thought design includes brilliant hand-specific tool holders that promote the rhythm of your job. Its holders and pockets are easy to reach and placed in convenient places. That’s why it’s quite easy and comfortable to reach out to necessary kits right on the go.

That means you don’t need to waste your time searching for the right tool even with gloves, which is the last thing you want while being engaged in a hectic job.

Available In Different Sizes

At Occidental, they have the right type of framing tool belts for everyone. The 5089 M is available in a range of sizes, starting from the smallest S-size to the largest XXX-size. Moreover, it has 9 different holes for the buckle to set in, providing complete convenience to match the strap to your waist size.

Sturdy Buckle And Rivets

The buckle of this belt is nickel-plated and quite durable. It’s less prone to fade off or even attract rust. Protected by the nickel coating, the buckle is safe from any adverse environment all through the seasons.

Its rivets are made from copper which adds to its sturdiness of it and proper resistance against wear and tear. The copper rivets are less likely to be ripped off from the belt over the course of time.

Versatile Pockets

It’s crucial that you have a pocket with an adequate depth to keep your essentials, especially tiny ones safe and sound. With accurate depth, the 5089 M has pockets that can keep small appliances inside with no possibility to spill.

Its top-quality resistance on the pack walls enhances the safety one step further. Moreover, these pockets are also made from leather to prevent the tearing up of frequent scratches.

Again, these pockets come in multiple sizes for you to conveniently keep nearly all types of tools and gear. Trust us, with 23 pockets available, some of the holders will be left empty.

Protection Against Weather

The build quality of this belt assures that you can use it in any weather condition. Is it raining? Wear them. Is the sun bleeding heat today? Wear them. It’s for everyday use throughout the year. Which makes it a great HVAC installer tool belt.


  • Made from top-grain leather
  • Up to 23 pockets and holders for easy carriage
  • Attached suspender for maximum comfort
  • Best high-end framing tool belt
  • Nickel-plated buckle and copper-made rivets for better durability
  • Available in multiple sizes and adjustable to any waist size


  • The belt is not padded


We have picked this one after thorough brainwork. This one may seem a bit pricey, which is actually true. But the durability, build quality, and convenience you get against the purchase do indicate a win-win trade.

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DEWALT DG5617 20-Pocket Pro Framing Tool Belt (Budget Choice)


If you are into carpentry or using different kits for a good amount of time, Dewalt DG5617 is a name you can’t ignore. They have a range of tools for multiple professional and DIY solutions. Producing a gear belt is just another brick on their wall.

Strong Build Quality

Its total body is made from scratch-resistant durable nylon. This provides the belt with the optimum strength it needs to retain its quality even in adverse weather conditions. Its scratch-resistant build-up makes it perfect for working in dusty areas, and it’s safe to come in contact with sharp objects.

Well-Designed Belt

While most of the waist belts you find on the market can put a lot of stress on your waist, the Dewalt DG5617 walks the opposite way. It has a combo apron that comes with a suspension that can easily rule out the stress on your body and waist. Thanks to the padded suspender, it goes very easy on your shoulder, as well.

Strong Double-Tongue Buckle

The buckle of it is a double-tongue roller one. This can bite into the holes of the belt with a strong grip. It makes sure you don’t feel discomfort while working with a bit of load. The belt is not letting your lower wear down in any way.

Comfortable Wear

Dewalt DG5617 can be the other name for comfort and convenience. The padded back absorbs most of the pressure of the weight and distributes it evenly. As for the suspender, it can support easy-carrying of weight up to 15 pounds without any issue for your waist belt.

Great Tool-Carrying Capacity

No matter how many tools you need to carry, and whatever type of it, the DG5617 has a place for all. With 9 major pockets supported by 11 more holders, it can easily solve your kit-carrying trouble once and for all.

No Fall Off Of Tools

Most of the pockets and holders are zippered, and you can zip it up after putting the tools inside. A cell phone keeper can keep your phone safe while you are working. If you don’t prefer it to be used for a cellphone, you can put any other necessary items if you like.


  • A total of 20 pockets for wider tool-carrying options
  • Well-designed for maximum comfort
  • Made from double nylon materials
  • Best budget framing tool belt
  • Doublet-tongue buckle for the safest grip
  • Padded suspender for maximum comfort


  • The plastic buckles of the suspenders are poorly made


Although the suspenders’ straps and buckles could have been improved in quality, the overall quality of this belt is absolutely great if the budgeted price tag is considered.

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Style n Craft 98434 Best Pro-Framers Combo Reviews


It’s always a great experience to use a Style N Craft product. The Style N Craft 98434 framing belt is not different. The pure genuine leather-made tool holder is bound to catch your eyes for its astounding finishing and sleek design.

Heavy-Duty Leather

The mesmerizing design and finish of the belt are the result of the use of heavy-duty top-grain oiled leather. This top-quality leather tool belt gives it a dark tan color that looks fascinating on your waist. The genuine leather adds to the durability of the belt. No matter how randomly you put it on, it is going to last more than you expect it to.

Nylon Stitching

While concentrating on the design, most of the tool-belt producers overlook the stitch quality. For 98434, it’s not the case at all. Heavy-duty nylon threads precisely sewed all the stitches on it. The contrast stitching gives it not only the desired look but also the sturdiness you need.

Strong Dual-Buckle

The buckle used here is a double-prong roller buckle that has two pins to hold onto the belt holes. A double pin means double strength for the belt to keep itself in its place. The holes are perfectly pierced in the leather body to match the size and measurement of the buckle.

Safe Rivets Caps

It features metal rivets for optimum security of the belt. These rivets are also equipped with caps to ensure better safety. With these rivets strongly engraved in the leather body, early wear and tear are almost impossible.

Multiple Pockets

This multi-functional belt comes with 17 different pockets to carry all the necessary tools and essentials with you. It has 6 main pouches supported by 11 more holders. You can even carry the pouches with the carrying handle placed on top with gloves too during high-place jobs like roofing.

Best Adjustable Size

Its versatile sizing is really a blessing. It fits pretty well to any waist size from 34 to 46 inches. If you need an adjustment of more than 46 inches, you can purchase the enhanced adjustment from them. It’s readily available and very easy to set up.


  • Made from top-grain oil leather
  • Contrast stitching by a heavy-duty nylon thread
  • Dual prong roller buckle for extra safety
  • Metal rivets featured with safety cap
  • A wide range of pockets for all necessaries


  • Not a perfect fit for professional work


If you are looking for a gear-holder to meet your DIY or home improvement project, this can be a perfect match for you. The quality that you get considering its use in DIY projects is more than the price you pay.

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Dead On DO-FR Best Framers Rig


Dead On Framing Tools are relatively new in the field of gear-carrying bags and tools, but their USA-patent designs for framing rigs are muchly appreciable. Take their DO-FR ‘1 size fits all framers rig, for example. It is brilliantly designed, yet comes with a luring price tag, which is definitely going to attract you.

Maximum Pockets

What’s the most wanted benefit from a framers rig? Surely the carrying capacity and tool holders. The DO-FR literally champions other competitors in this field. With a staggering number of 32 pockets, DO-FR stands first on our list, if the pocket variation is considered. You can keep almost every single kit you use in it, no matter what size it comes with.

Top-Quality Body

If you are raising your eyebrows about the cost of this carrier device, think again. The framer’s rig is made from ballistic nylon fabric to ensure maximum durability and strength. The ballistic nylon was initially invented to stitch and produce attires for Airforce fighters that could protect their body from bullets or any other ballistic impact. So it means the DO-FR is excellent in durability and can withstand scratches and other major blows it comes across while working. It is going to last for a long time, that’s for sure.


This tool belt comes with a moisture-wicking mesh liner. What this basically does is that it quickly moves the sweat you exhale from your body toward the outer side of the strap. Moreover, it applies the capillary action formula to travel the sweat from one place to another.

It also rapidly dries off the sweat that is left and keeps your waist area dry. This provides optimum comfort to you. In addition to this, there is a mesh liner inside that works as a climate controller in your attire. The mesh liner allows your skin to get rid of sweat, and the liner supports the necessary airflow inside.

Excellent Pocket Quality

Not only this belt offers the maximum number of pockets, but also it’s designed with heavy-duty pouches. The pockets and pouches are made from heavy-duty poly fabric and are resistant to stretch. No matter how much stretching you do, back and forth, the pockets are not going to tear apart. As for capacity, you have 4 boxed front nail pouches to keep all the tiny nails in place and a rafter square pocket for convenient use, as well. Not to mention the barrel bottom pouches that offer additional capacity.


  • Universal model for 28 to 38 inches of the waist
  • Very lightweight and easy to put on with the attached suspender
  • Built with ballistic nylon thread
  • Moisture-wicking mesh featured with liner for sweat control
  • 32 different pockets for the maximum capacity


  • It can’t be used without the suspender device


If you are concerned about the budget, this one is going to be the best choice for you. It does come with a few drawbacks, but the quality it delivers with the price tag is surprising.

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CLC Custom LeatherCraft 51452 Tool Belt for Framers


CLC guys have their own philosophy in producing tools and belts. They like to keep the designs simple and effective with their best effort, that too, keeping the price reasonable. That’s a motto that fits perfectly for the CLC Custom LeatherCraft 51452 they have marketed.

State-Of-The-Art Tool Belt

It comes with a tool strap that is one of a kind. It’s tough, it’s durable, and it’s almost impossible to tear this device apart. Made from double-layered 1680D ballistic fabric, its body is extremely durable. The ballistic fabric was initially crafted to withstand a heavy shot from a bullet. That should give you a glimpse of how strong the body is.

To add to the durability, the belt has premium-graded leather trimming. You can easily put it on in any environment, no matter how rough and tough it is.

Comfortable To Wear

CLC 51452 is a perfect example of a blend of durability and comfort. You should feel quite comfortable wearing the belt that comes with a five-inch pad. The gel pad supports the weight it endures and leaves a gentle touch on your body. You can rest assured that no stress marks will be left on your body.

Perfect Buckle

A belt is nothing without the strength of its buckle. That’s why the 51452 is equipped with a double-tongue steel roller buckle, which enables it to hold tight to the holes. A double buckle means double grip and enhanced security. It’s almost impossible for your lower garment to get loosen and tend to fall off.

Convenient Pockets

The entire carrying bag has 17 different smaller pockets that are used to hold onto the kits like pliers and other smaller tools. In addition to that, there are 8 other major pockets to home reversed nails and gear. Having two more pouches, the belt consists of a total of 27 pockets for your utmost comfort and convenience.

Easy To Carry

It’s not always going to be on your waist. You need to carry it around and put it somewhere when you need it. For that, a well-placed carrying handle is just the feature you would ask for. CCL 51452 does exactly what you need. Its simple and effective handle provides a comfortable grip for you to carry the belt for roofing works too.


  • Made from double-layered ballistic fabric
  • A total of 27 pockets for maximum convenience
  • Adjustable waist size from 29 to 46 inches
  • Double tongue steel roller buckle for extra grip
  • Easy carrying handle


  • No rubber grips for the handle


If you are not going to compromise with the quality of your tool belt, this one should match your personality the best.

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Occidental 9515 Best Adjust-to-Fit OxyLight Framing Tool Belt


Our seventh and last pick is the Occidental 9515 framer strap. Being one of the pioneers in producing tool gear, Occidental doesn’t cease to impress us with its various tool belts.

Highly Adjustable Design

Is your waist size between 32 to 41 inches? If yes, it’s going to fit perfectly on your waist. The belt is impressively adjustable and fits almost any normal waist size. It allows seasonal clothing changes. If you are putting on extra layers during winter, it will still fit your waist perfectly.

Durable Build Quality

The pouches and pockets are stitched and crafted with top-quality industrial nylon threads. In addition to that, the pockets have leather-reinforced corners and bottoms, as well. If you are concerned about the safety of the pockets, there are leather patches on them for that. Moreover, these nylon threads are heavily scratch-resistant. So say goodbye to the scratches once and for all!

Convenient Pocket Placements

It’s true for almost every carpenter that the last thing you want, while you are working, is to waste time looking for the kit you need then and there. To save you from this hassle, the Occidental 9515 framer comes with a convenient pocket placement design. You can access any tool that you need at a very easy-to-reach distance. Each tool holder is properly placed for your easiness.


  • It comes with a 2-in-1 hammer and tool holder
  • Default D-ring suspension for suspending tools
  • Sturdy nylon-made body for optimum durability
  • Pocket depth of 10 inches
  • Consists of a total of 24 pockets and pouches


  • The leather finish is poorly crafted


Occidental has always been at the forefront of quality tool belt production. Considering 24 different pockets and the perfect placement of each, this one should be on the favorite list of any carpenter.

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Best Framing Tool Belts Buying Guide

best framing tool belt

Unlike any regular one, a tool belt means professionalism. You carry in it almost all the necessary kits and gear you need for your carpentry or DIY projects. To find out the best one for you, you have to look for a few factors in a tool strap. Let’s check those out.

Don’t Compromise With Durability

Keep in mind that your framing tool belt will be with you for a long time. It’s not an everyday purchase. There are multiple measures to find out the best framing tool belts if the strap can survive a good life.

If you can find the oiled-leather material for your belt, it is considered to be the best. It’s sturdy but a bit heavy to wear, yet it can last for a long time.

You can also look for ballistic nylon or fabrics on the products. Being bullet-proof materials, you can guess how strong these can be.

All You Need is Comfort

Not all wearables come with great comfort. Having a pad, especially a gel pad on the belt that rests on your body, is a brilliant addition. It will provide extra support on your waist. Some padded straps make room for proper air flow to keep your waist area dry and prevent clogging of sweat.

Look For Customizable Pocket Features

Customizable Pocket Features for Framing Tool Belts

It’s better if you can customize your pockets on the belt. It’s always great to have the freedom to arrange the pouches and holders as you like. Do you want to put your pliers on the back of your waist? If yes, then you should be looking for a belt that offers you the liberty to rearrange its pockets. With better adjustability, you will have more control and can enjoy a great work experience.

Reserve Your Thoughts For Adjustment Of The Size

Not everybody has the same waist size. It’s not possible to have a belt that stays where it is in case of sizing and fits all. That’s why multiple models of carriers allow adjustment for your waist size. From S to XXXL, many manufacturers offer a range of sizes. On top of that, within a specific size, you can still make some adjustments as necessary. Don’t forget your kids, look for tool belts that fit the kids. They are the future framers!

Avoid Heavy Belt Piece

One of the common misconceptions we have is that if the belt is sturdy, it may come with a bit of weight. That’s not true. It’s never going to be easy and comfortable for you if your carrying bag is pulling your clothes down and putting extra weight on your waist during roofing work. There are many options to check out for the best framing tool belts that harmonize strength and lightweight pretty effectively. Also, there are lighter tool belts for women that they would love to have.

Dedicated Pockets Should Be Considered

It’s common to be mesmerized by a good number of pockets and holders. But to have pockets that are specifically meant for a few common tools is priceless. You don’t need to look for the right gear in every pocket; as you know, the plier is right in the plier holder. This helps with technical equipment like an electrician tool belt.

Suspenders Can Help A Lot

A few tool-belts come with a suspender attached. You can an extra benefit of weight management with it. A suspender can easily endure the weight of the belt and distribute evenly throughout the setup of a framing tool belt, causing less pain and fatigue on your body. It helps a lot when working on roofs wearing a tool belt.

Look For Diverse Pocket Types

Look For Diverse Pocket Types in Framing Tool Belts

Many tool holders are designed with a mono-styled pocket. All the pouches and holders have the same design and holding capacity. Try to look for belts that have different holders that keep your appliances hanging from them, and pockets with good depth for secured retention of gear. For pockets, the best type should be the box-type ones, as these can hold quite a good number of tiny appliances inside.

Besides, you can always try to design a custom tool belt for yourself if you want.

How You Can Utilize the Best Framing Tool Belt

Framing Tool Belt that Fits You

For a pro framer, using the tool belt according to his need is important as that makes a difference in the job. The way you arrange and manage your framing tool belt defines your success and efficiency. So, you must learn how you can utilize your tool belt to your advantage. Here are some tips that you can follow to maximize the benefits of your pro framer tool belt:

Arrange the Framing Tools According to The Size of Your Tool Belt Pockets

Firstly, you must learn about the number and size of your framing tool belt. Also, you need to check which framing tools you need to carry with you. Then decide the location and places where you will place your respective tools.

That way you can arrange your tools properly and find them easily on the job as you already know where to find them. Some pockets are open, some are zipped, some are big, while some are small. So, choose accordingly as you need your tools to be in your favorite framing tool belt.

Primary Framing Tools for the Main Hand

You must choose your tools for the framing works very carefully. You can’t be in a place where the necessary tools aren’t with you on the job. That is why there must be a tool carrier. The most important and frequently used tools need to be on the main-hand side of your body.

You will need them more than the other and the main hand can do it easier and faster for you. so, keep this in mind when you arrange your tools.

Secondary Framing Tools for the Helping Hand

The other tools of your framing tool belt need to be on the helping-hand side. This is because you won’t be needing them as much as the primary framing tools. This is important for your efficiency and performance.

Small Framing Tools

There would be many small-sized tools with you on the job. These need to be placed properly in the tool belt. You will find some small pockets and some zipped ones too in the tool belt. Those small tools should be placed in these pockets so that you may find them easily and they don’t get lost.

Use a Suspender for Your Framing Belt

As you will be carrying many tools in your tool belt, it will cause some strain and pain on your waist, back, or shoulders. That is where a suspender will be very helpful to distribute the load evenly on your body. You will feel less weight and will be able to work very swiftly because of the suspender.

It will help you to work for a long time and no strain or pain will be there. Pick a good quality suspender for your framing tool belt to increase your comfort.

Move Your Belt During Work

Most framers need to work for a long time. Carrying the belt with tools for an extended period will be difficult for you. You can move the belt from time to time to distribute the load evenly and move the center of gravity from one place to another.

This will be helpful for you to have comfortable working hours.

Check the Fitting of the Belt and Hand Movement

Before you go out with your tool belt, wear them on the waist or shoulders to check if they fit well or not. If the fitting is perfect and good, then you can move easily in the workplace while climbing ladders and entering narrow places.

Also, check the movement of your hand if there is any obstacle that you are feeling. Hand movement is vital for your work.

Check the Strength of Your Framing Tool Belt

You must check the belt before you put it on. There may be some damage or defects on the body and that may cause disturbance to your work. So, find those defects and repair them as soon as possible. The longevity of your tool belt largely depends on the proper checking of the condition of the belt.

How to Choose the Best-Fitting Framing Tool Belt for You?

The most important points that you need to keep in your mind to find the most fit able framing tool belt for you are:

  • You must consider the type of work that you may need to do. It will determine the type of tools you need and that will help you find and choose your framing tool belt type.
  • The second important consideration should be the capacity of the tool belt. You must choose your tools keeping in mind the work type you will do on the job. And, then choose your tool belt accordingly so that those tools can be placed easily in the tool belt.
  • The design and material of the tool belt are also significant for your work. The longevity of the belt will largely depend on the material used in making the tool belt.
  • Finishing is another criterion that may be considered for your tool belt. Framers need a good finishing tool belt for their tools.
  • We’ve already talked about the fitting of the belt multiple times and that is because it is really important. Check that properly while you select your belt.
  • Check the customer reviews before you buy from an online store. It will help you to have a good understanding of the quality and features of the tool belt.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What are the popular brands for framing tool belts?

    You will find many brands on the market. Many are old manufacturers and some are new in the business. The most famous brands in the field of framing are CLC, Bucket Boss, Occidental Leather, Dickies, DEWALT, Carhartt, Gatorback, Dead On Tools, and many others.

  2. How to set up a framing tool belt?

    Setting up a framing tool belt isn’t a difficult task. You can follow these instructions to set up the framing tools very easily.

  3. What is the warranty for a framing tool belt?

    There are multiple offers for a tool belt with warranty periods. You can choose the one you like most.

  4. Where to buy a framing tool belt?

    You can physically go to a store to choose your desired framing tool belt or you can buy them online from an e-commerce site or site like Amazon.

Final Words

We know, it sounded a lot easier at first when we decided to find the best framing tool belt on the market. But it did turn out to be one heck of a job. However, we believe our in-depth reviews on the top 7 best tool straps, and the well-articulated buying guide will lead you toward the best possible product you can get. Have you decided to add a belt to your cart yet? Let’s hear from you!