7 Best Tool Belt with Suspenders Reviews: Top Rated Tool Belt Suspenders!

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Best Tool Belt with Suspenders

Wearing a tool belt can be somewhat uncomfortable when all the weight falls into your hips, lower back, and waist. Luckily, you can always get the best tool belt with suspenders to fix that. There’s no need to carry the entire weight with your lower body when the suspenders support part of it. And at the same time, it keeps the belt from loosening down and feeling uncomfortable.

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So, do you think the best tool belt suspenders reviews can fix your tool-carrying issues? Then keep scrolling into this article to learn more!

Product Comparison

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7 Best Tool Belt with Suspenders Reviews

There are hundreds, if not thousands of options in the market. But only a few are worth reviewing. So, we chose those and brought them to you. Here’s what we found about them:

01. Bucket Boss Airlift 2 Bag Tool Belt Suspenders

Bucket Boss Airlift 2 Bag Tool Belt with Suspenders in Brown, 50100The best tool belt with suspenders is not the sturdiest, the most comfortable, or the most practical – but the one that combines every important feature at once. That’s why the Bucket Boss Airlift is such an excellent tool belt.

High-Quality Construction

The first thing you’ll notice is the reliable 600D polyester rip-stop material. It is not only strong enough to handle tons of weight without ripping but also resistant to moisture and tear.

Along with the steel grommets for the belt and decently flexible suspenders, you can expect this belt to last a lifetime.

Spacious and Sturdy Pockets

Every pouch comes with a barrel-bottom design, so they are super spacious. You can place as many tools as necessary, and they won’t break, rip, tear, or wear over time thanks to the reinforced build.

At the same time, you can enjoy the steel hammer holder as well as a loop for long tools. And it boasts the same reinforced construction so they can support tools for years.

Super Comfy

The suspenders seem simple, but they actually come with a decently thick foam padding system to keep you comfortable when working. And they’re also decently breathable so you won’t have to drip in sweat while working under the sun.

You will also get a chest-restraining strap with the suspenders, making them extra resilient and tight to your body, so the belt never loosens up from the pants and creates no discomfort.

Maximum Adjustability

Last but not least, the belt is ultra-adjustable on the pants. Not only can you adjust the suspenders however you prefer for maximum comfort, but you can also adjust the belt itself with the buckle system that fits waists of up to 52-inches.

Similarly, you can rearrange the pouches on pants as necessary for maximum convenience. So, it becomes one of the comfiest and most practical tool belt suspenders you can get.


  • Exceptional durability with 600D polyester build
  • Top-notch comfort with suspender padding
  • Breathable material keeps you from sweating
  • Totally adjustable belt for big waists
  • Best tool belt suspenders
  • Large and well-made pouches
  • Adjustable pouches position for practicality


  • Pouches may slide across the belt


Without having to empty your bank account, the Bucket Boss Airlift 2 manages to offer every single feature tool belt suspenders should provide and more. Alongside its comfy and adjustable suspenders, it is an option you don’t want to dismiss.

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02. Gatorback Electricians Combo Deluxe Package

Gatorback-Electricians-Combo-Deluxe-PackageGatorback always stands out for its quality products. And the Electricians Combo Deluxe Tool Belt is not an exception. Boasting some of the most practical suspenders and comfy designs – it is designed to surpass expectations.

Superb Comfort and Support

The first thing you’ll notice is how well it supports your body when wearing. It boasts a unique support pad on the back that prevents typical scratches and other uncomfortable positions from happening.

At the same time, it boasts 6 size options you can pick according to your needs – going from 26-inches up to 55-inches in the waist.

Sturdy and Breathable Fabric

The fabric is no joke, either. You can enjoy the DuraTek 1250 polyester fabric with bar-tack stitching. Alongside metal rivets and a rip-resistant build – this belt is built to last a lifetime.

It still manages to be fresh. Thanks to the polyester fabric, it feels utterly ventilated to prevent sweating, discomfort, and overheating behind clothes. And this happens everywhere, from the suspenders to the back support.

Practical Pocket System

You will still get a handy pocket system. It boasts 2 large electricians’ pouches so you can store as many items as you want with ease.

The right pouch boasts 18 pockets, while the left side boasts 9 pockets. And that’s without mentioning the tape chain for even more convenience.

Ultra Convenient

Lastly, let’s not forget it is not only practical for its construction, but also for its design. The belt boasts 2 large handles on the interior so you can carry the belt around with total ease. No need to have it tightened up to your body unless necessary.

And sure enough, with the DuraGrip Fingerless WorkGloves you get with the belt, you can achieve an even better experience overall.


  • Reliable and large pouch system
  • Up to 27 total pockets for convenience
  • Highly durable polyester fabric build
  • Excellent breathability for less sweat
  • Best feature tool belt suspenders
  • Unique padding system for back support
  • Ultra-handy work gloves addition


  • Velcro on pouches wears off fast


There’s nothing better than a tool suspenders belt that can stand the wear of time, offer practical pouches, and still feel comfortable when used. Luckily, that’s everything you get with the awesome electrician tool belt.

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03. Dickies Work Gear 57023 Tool Belt Suspenders

Dickies-Work-Gear-4-Piece-Carpenter's-RigGood-looking, affordable, and highly convenient – the Dickies Work Gear 57023 is an almost perfect tool belt that you can get for cheap. Even if it looks and feels high-end, it costs way less than you think but still delivers a superb experience.

Next-Level Storage

What sets this model apart from the competition is the number of storage options you have. First, you find the left-side pouch with 3 side pockets, 3 tool pockets, and 2 tool loops – that’s enough for most jobs.

Yet, you still get right-side storage with 7 pockets in total – so you can store even more tools and hardware when working. Alongside the steel hammer loop, carabiner, and elastic pocket on the suspender – you won’t find many practical tool belt suspenders like this one.

Fresh and Durable Material

Everything on the belt boasts a heavy-duty canvas construction. This pairs up with reinforced stitching on pockets and loops to keep it together for a long. The suspender also comes with extra reinforcement, so they last even longer.

Still, it manages to feel fresh most of the time. The 5-inches woven canvas on the waist part contains small holes that increase ventilation and make you sweat less over time.

Super Comfy Padded Design

Comfort is the second most important feature of this belt. You get totally padded tool belt suspenders with a moisture-wicking capacity. That’s enough to keep you away from sweating too much, even on the hottest of days.

And when you add gel padding, then it gets even better. You can wear this belt around your waist without a single pinch of discomfort.

Great Adjustability

Along with its excellent comfort and durability, you get an adjustable model that fits waists going from 32 inches up to 50 inches. It fits thin users as well as the widest ones.

Here, you can also enjoy the double-roller buckle system for easy and secure adjustment. And with the ability to add an additional pouch with the 2-inches accessory adapter – this belt becomes a must-have for the cost.


  • High-quality canvas for resilience
  • Breathable canvas for freshness
  • Secure and convenient adjustable belt
  • Superb gel padding for comfort
  • Best budget tool belt suspender
  • Top-notch elastic storage options
  • Elastic, adjustable, and convenient suspender


  • Fits loosely


No need to spend a fortune on a high-end suspender when you have the Dickies work belt suspender available. It is spacious, comfy, affordable and convenient – an almost perfect belt overall.

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04. Dead On DO-FR Framers Rig

Dead-On-DO-FR-Framers-Rig,-1-Size-Fits-AllYet another affordable model that still manages to offer it all – the Dead On DO-FR Framers Rig will surpass all your expectations with ease.

Exceptional Build

It all starts with a ballistic nylon lining that ensures maximum durability. It will keep the 600D polyester suspender and the interior padding safe for a long.

You can enjoy this belt for years thanks to its resilience in different conditions, as well as its moisture-wicking capacity. Combining ballistic nylon and 600D polyester – it is made to last.

Outstanding Storage Options

The real advantage of this tool belt comes from its storage capacity. You get a total of 32 pockets so you can store everything from nails to screws, large and small tools, and much more.

There’s also a hammer loop in the front, and a small rafter square pocket if needed. That will be enough to make it super practical in most situations.

Tight Fit Suspension Rig

Probably the most interesting part of this belt rig: is how well it fits. You can put it on waists going from 28 up to 36 inches – perfect for thin people who need more adjustment.

At the same time, it boasts the suspender attached with metal hooks to the belt. They also come with decent adjustability and fit tightly with little to no problem.

Excellent Support

Last but not least, this belt comes with elastic back support that ensures a pain-free experience even after several hours of continuous use.

Similarly, you can enjoy excellent padding on the belt. Along with the support system, it ensures a pain-free experience so you can wear the piece for several hours non-stop in quality framing work with tool belts.


  • Well-made suspender for a tight fit
  • Ideal back support for pain prevention
  • Comfy padding all around the waist
  • A superb array of pouches
  • Best suspender tool belt
  • Quality polyester and nylon construction
  • Decent adjustability with a one-size-fits-all design


  • The suspender loosens up when using


The Dead-ON DO-FR Framers Rig is a perfect example of how you can get satisfactory quality without emptying your bank account. If you need something resilient, practical, and comfy – this one should be it.

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05. Bucket Boss Mullet Buster Tool Belt Suspenders

Bucket Boss Mullet Buster 3 Bag Tool Belt with Suspenders in Grey, 55135Among the brand that you should never overlook, you’ll find Bucket Boss. And sure enough, the Mullet Buster Tool Belt is one of its best models. Delivering a comfy design and providing excellent storage capacity – it is a belt you don’t want to miss.


When it comes to a suspender, this model stands out for its sturdiness and breathability. These straps feel completely reliable even after years of use, yet you also get a moisture-wicking design that makes you less sweaty.

You may add the cell phone pocket on the suspender for even more convenience. Along with a chest strap and adjustable sizing – it will easily make you happy.

Heavy Resilient Materials

The strap quality doesn’t come only from the design, it also boasts an excellent set of materials.

It starts with a 2-ply build, boasting 1680D ballistic nylon along with a heavy-duty polyester fabric. That’s enough to handle even the trickiest of jobs for several years – so it won’t rip or tear easily.

Convenient Storage

Bringing your tools around won’t be a problem either. You get super-large pouches with a barrel-bottom design so you can place as many items as necessary on each pouch.

At the same time, you get a hammer holder and another tool loop for extra convenience. Sure enough, you get a tape measure clip and cat-paw sleeves.

Don’t forget about the adjustable positioning of the pouches – it will make it easy to place them wherever you want.

Comfortable in Its Entirety

Lastly, you will find a unique stretch system on the belt. It is called the LoadBear suspension technology that adjusts to your body and prevents the belt from moving much.

This comes alongside the Infinity Belt that matches 52-inches waists. So, you can feel comfortable while wearing it without the belt loosening up or scratching your skin.


  • Unbeatable construction with poly and nylon
  • Super-handy storage options
  • Best suspender for work
  • Highly comfortable LoadBear design
  • Quality suspender for tool belts
  • Unique cell phone pouch on suspender
  • Fits large waists without a problem


  • Velcro attachments are not reliable


As soon as you put on the Bucket Boss Mullet Buster belt, you’ll feel how comfortable, spacious, and resilient it is. There’s nothing about this model to hate – and it still manages to come at a decent cost.

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06. Dead On HDP400945 Pro Carpenter’s Suspension Tool Belts

Dead On Tools HDP400945 Pro Carpenter's Suspension RigComing back with a Dead On tool belt, we now have the Pro Carpenter’s Suspension Rig. It is one of the best tool belts for a suspender, and it is not a surprise considering how comfortable, spacious, and durable it is.

Superb Pockets

Once you start checking it, you’ll realize how much storage space it offers with 24 pockets in total. There are 17 inside pockets and 7 outside ones – so you can store whatever you want.

It still manages to offer 3 nail bag suspenders, a cell phone holder, a drill holder, a tape-measure holder, and a steel-loop hammer holder. That’s enough to place all your tools without leaving a single thing behind.

Maximum Padded Comfort

Another superb advantage would be the suspender tool belt system with gel padding. Yes, you can wear this shoulder strap tool belt without having to get sore shoulders or scratchy skin. Instead, you can enjoy its gel-padded suspender offering the softness and tight fit you need.

Great Adjustability

Adjusting the belt won’t be much of a problem, either. From the suspenders to the belt itself – everything is adjustable so you can fit it to your body however you prefer. For a quality carpentry tool belt, carpenter suspenders can assist the performance level.

The belt can fit waists of up to 52 inches, and the suspender can tighten and loosen up accordingly as well. You won’t have any problem wearing this belt comfortably and safely.

Resilient Materials

Last but not least, you can enjoy the high-quality build of the belt. It all starts with 1680D polyester in the fabric, going from the belt to the suspender so the piece can stand tons of use over time.

At the same time, the pouches come with the same polyester, but this time with vinyl reinforcement so they can handle even more wear. If you’re looking for durable pockets, this carpenter’s belt with suspenders offers precisely that.


  • Decently comfortable belt and suspenders
  • Highly adjustable overall
  • Awesome tool pouch suspenders
  • Long-lasting polyester construction
  • Reinforced pockets with vinyl for strength
  • Enough pockets for handy storage
  • Several tool belt suspender loops
  • Extra holders for convenience


  • Stitching could be a lot better


Considering the huge and reinforced pockets plus the quality fabric material, this carpenter tool bag with suspenders is set to withstand years of use with no drawbacks. At the same time, it feels super comfy and adjusts to any body shape with ease. If that’s not a top product to go for, then nothing is.

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07. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 Comfortlift Combo Tool Belt System

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 20 Pocket, Heavy Duty Framers 5 Piece Comfortlift Combo Tool BeltThe last belt on our list comes from CLC Custom Leathercraft. And it is named the Comfortlift Combo Tool Belt System – a set of 2 large pouches, comfortable suspenders, and a top-notch belt that fits anyone.

Excellent Pockets

The first thing you may notice when looking at these leather work belt suspenders will be the number of pockets you get. With a total of 20 pockets on its 2-pouch design – you can enjoy enough storage space to store even your largest tools.

Still, you can enjoy the extra set of metal loops for hammers and similar tools, making the whole pouch system way more convenient.

Practical Design and Features

The design doesn’t rely only on the pouches. You will also get a set of carrying handles so you can bring the belt around with ease when not wearing it.

At the same time, it boasts a Sta-Open pocket system so you can access the pockets without making much of an effort. It will make the art of reaching to your tools way safer and reliable.

Top Comfortable Belt

An additional factor you shouldn’t overlook would be the waist adjustment system. This leather tool belt suspender can fit waists going from 29-inches up to 46-inches with ease. And it’s all thanks to the adjustable roller buckle system.

These leather suspenders for the tool belt goes well with the 3-inches padding on the belt and suspenders. You won’t have to feel any soreness on your hips, waists, shoulders, back, or chest when wearing this rig.


Finally, it is essential to mention that the suspenders on this belt system is one of the most comfortable in the market – but also one of the most convenient.

You can adjust the suspenders, so your body doesn’t rely on the custom design of the belt. Instead, you can carry most of the weight from your torso and get rid of the pressure down. That will make the whole experience with the beltway more pleasant.


  • Unique Sta-Open system for easy tool reach
  • Spacious and well-organized pouches
  • Quality tool bag suspenders
  • Highly adjustable belt for any waist size
  • Superb suspenders with adjustable system
  • Carrying handles allow secure handling
  • Ultra-comfortable 3-inches padding


  • Suspenders fit loosely on the torso


If you want a feature-rich tool belt for your work – then nothing will compare to the CLC Custom Leathercraft Comfortlift. Every single feature is designed to make your experience better – so it’s undoubtedly among the best out there.

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Buying Guide of Best Tool Belt with Suspenders

Best Tool Belt with SuspendersA tool belt with a nice set of suspenders will probably make your work experience better than any other gear out there. But to enjoy everything that a belt with suspenders has to offer, you need to get the right model. Here are a few factors that will help you pick the ideal one:

Quality of Materials

For anyone who wants the best tool belt suspenders, nothing will be more important than the quality of the materials it has.

There are various options to go for here: polyester, nylon, and canvas.

Polyester is a pretty resilient product, and we recommend it for those who want extra strength without losing any of the softness. You can get one of these to ensure a durable product – especially if it is 1680D polyester or similar.

At the same time, you can go for nylon. It is as strong as polyester but with the advantage of extra breathability. Nylon is also slightly more elastic and feels more comfortable on the body. If you go for ballistic nylon, then you’re choosing an even more durable product overall. Yet, it tends to be expensive.

Lastly, you will find canvas. This is not the most comfortable option, but it is super heavy and resilient. Canvas is not the most tear-resistant fabric. But it can be a pretty good choice for light jobs and a small number of tools.

Although a tool belt with leather is quite good, leather tool suspenders material needs something different.

After considering the material, make sure you get quality stitching and reinforcements as well. That will make the whole belt even more durable.

Best Tool Belt Suspenders Quality


Once you have the materials figured out, you need to consider the suspender system. Here, we recommend going for comfort and adjustability over anything else. This is really important in situations like doing the installation of HVAC with quality tool belts.

Sure enough, if you pick something well-made, then it is sure to surpass your expectations. But you also want suspenders that don’t fall off easily, offer extra comfort, and manage to provide a few additional features.

That’s why we always go for tool belts with chest straps on the suspenders, with extra padding and an adjustable system you can fit tightly on your body. And if you set it up in a way that distributes the belt weight into your torso, then you’re getting an even better set of suspenders.

Overall Fit and Comfort

The padding on the suspenders shouldn’t be apart from the padding on the belt. That’s why you should always look for decent padding all around – especially if it is on specific pressure points.

For example, you can find tool belts with back support that prevent scratches on your lower skin back. At the same time, it helps to provide extra support to prevent common pains and pressure points. So, if you can find a belt with padding all across, then that’s even better.

Finally, don’t forget about adjustability. You want a belt that can adjust to your body no matter how long, small, wide, or thin you are. For that, focus on those that offer a wide size availability (26-inches up to 50-inches if necessary). It is more important for women’s tool belts.

Some models come with one-size-fits-all designs, others offer more specific size options like the tool belts from Gatorback – choose accordingly to make sure it goes well with your needs.

Pocket Design and Quality

Before you go and buy just any over-the-shoulder tool belt, make a final check and be sure it offers the most practical pocket and storage options available.

We recommend belts with at least two pouches on each side. These pouches should be reinforced in the bottom to prevent wear and tear. At the same time, they should be large enough to fit as many tools as necessary.

Also, consider those belts that offer at least 10 pockets. And don’t dismiss holders and loops for other tools like hammers, screwdrivers, and even measure tape. The more holders and pockets you have, the more practical the whole belt will be.

Care and Maintenance of Best Tool Belt Suspenders


Taking care of your tool belt (i.e. framing) is also essential, not only because it will make it last longer, but also because it keeps it clean and more useful.

But maintaining your tool belt requires a few specific actions that not everyone knows about. So here we’re going to explain just that. Follow these tips to keep your tool belt working neatly:

  1. When wearing shoulder harness tool belts, try to adjust the belt, so it distributes the weight evenly from side to side. Otherwise, you may end up causing more strain in one part than the other.
  2. Adjust the belt and suspenders tightly to your body when using. This will not only keep them from loosening but also from sagging and tearing over time.
  3. After using, we recommend wiping the surface of the belt with a slightly damped towel. Be sure to get rid of any dirt, dust, or debris as well.
  4. Despite coming with usually strong and resilient materials, a tool belt needs to be washed via a gentle method. We recommend hand washing with a mild detergent if possible. Otherwise, use the gentlest cycle on your washing machine.
  5. Wash your tool belt at least once every two weeks (if you use it every day), and up to once per week if possible.
  6. Let the belt air-dry in a place with sufficient airflow and sun rays. Do not use a dryer or any other artificial method as it could damage the nylon/polyester/canvas fabric.
  7. Store the belt in a cool place with no sun exposure. You can use clips, hangers, hooks, or rods to hang the belt if necessary. Otherwise, you can always store it inside cabinets or boxes without entangling it.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the article pretty much tells you everything there’s to know about tool belts with suspenders, there’s probably a little more you have doubts about. Well, we may answer them in this section:

1. What tool belt suspender brands should I consider?

For us, the best brands always include Dead On, CLC Custom Leathercraft, Bucket Boss, Dickies Gear, and Gatorback. But other brands like DeWalt, Occidental Leather, and Toughbuilt are also worth considering.

2. Is there a weight limit for tools with shoulder straps?

Yes, but it depends heavily on the design and construction of the model you pick. Most of the time, they have a weight limit starting at 5 and reaching up to 20 pounds. It helps in roofing work with the tool belts immensely.

3. Can I detach the suspenders from my tool belt?

Yes, but not all the time. Most tool belts come with detachable suspenders with hooks, D-rings, or clips that you can detach. But some of them are totally stitched to the belt, so you may not be able to separate them. Choose whatever feels more practical to you.

4. Should all suspenders and tool belts fit my body shape and size?

Most tool belts come with one-size-fits-all suspender systems, so yes. But most of the time, you’ll have to adjust the suspender to your body accordingly. Thus, it can fit as your kid’s tool belt option too.

5. How can I prevent the tool belt suspender from scratching or hurting?

It’s all about fitting the suspender well with your body. Adjust as much as you can until you feel no scratch or pressure from the suspender. At the same time, make sure you’re getting a top and padded suspender system in the first place. That should be enough.

For further queries, you can follow any top forums related to a tool belt. It will solve questions like tool belts with suspenders or no suspenders.

Final Words

After going through the entire article, you should be ready to get the best tool belt with suspenders that meets your standards.

Well, don’t waste any more time and get it. With our buying guide and top maintenance tips, you should be ready to enjoy one of these belts to the max. Then consider our reviews and get the ideal model accordingly. You can read another buying guide too for more info.

We’re sure these tool belts with suspenders will surpass your expectations. So, don’t hesitate and get the best one now!