Top 7 Best Leather Tool Belt Reviews

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Best leather tool belt

You don’t have to be a professional tool guy to put on a tool belt around your waist. Today, even a DIY enthusiast knows how crucial it is to put the best leather tool belt on. Nobody wants to tear his hair off, looking for the tool that goes mysteriously missing when you need it the most. However, with the tougher problem, comes an easier solution.

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A simple leather tool belt helps you organize all the necessary tools you need, that too, by carrying those tools with you. You can reach out for any devices you keep in it just by putting your hand on your belt. Finding out the right leather tool belt for you can be more challenging than it’s thought. But ward off your worries, as we have listed down the 7 top-rated leather tool belts, just for your easy pick.

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Best Leather Tool Belt Reviews

It can be confusing for most newbies or for even some experts to trace the most useful leather tool belt. As there are thousands of choices to choose from, it gets really tough. To ease up your stress, we have shortlisted 7 of the best picks that are pretty useful than most other options. Let’s find out!

01. Gatorback B240 Electrician’s Combo

Gatorback B240 Electrician's Combo With Pro-Comfort Back Support BeltOur top pick is the B240 Combo tool belt from Gatorback. This is simply the best in the market that you can find. It’s the synonym to comfort.

Ergonomic Memory Pad

Its ergonomically molded top-quality memory pad ensures prolonged support and comfort for your waist. There are multiple air channels that support air flow beneath the belt to control the heat produced. The materials inside; use Lyrca fabric, which is popularly known to promote air flow. So no overheating to be worried about.

Box-Shaped Pockets

One of the best parts of the B240 is that all of its pouches and pockets are shaped like a box so that optimum use of space is ensured. Every pouch compartment has plastic support sewed at the back part so that it never loses its shape. This box shape makes searching and reaching out for smaller tools extremely easier.

Secured Nickel-Plated Ring

The suspender ring is completely nickel-plated and super sturdy. The rings are securely sewn into the belt with careful precision so that no matter what weight the suspending tools come up with, the ring won’t fall off. It also supports all the four-point suspenders available.

Customizable Pockets

You can easily rearrange and reposition the pouches on the belt to customize your needs. You can design the pockets as it suits your purposes.

Secured Bar-Tack Stitch

What differentiates the B240 Combo from other belts is that all the pressure points of the belt are secured with bar-tack stitching. The top part of all the pouches has a nylon stitch to prevent early wear and tear.


  • Stitched by newbies 1250 DuraTek nylon
  • Box-designed pouches for better organizing
  • Back-support with patented memory foam
  • Pressure points are sewed with bar-tack stitch
  • The main belt is made from genuine leather
  • Double metal buckle for extreme safety
  • Comes with a carrying handle for easy transport
  • Metal suspender ring for better stability


  • The Velcro of this belt is not strong enough


The Gatorback B240 is intelligently designed for any user. Be it a professional or a DIY hobbyist. If you are looking for a leather tool belt that is an all-purpose one, this one is for you.

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02. Occidental Leather 8580 M FatLip Tool Bag Set

Occidental-Leather-8580-M-FatLip-Tool-Bag-SetOccidental Leather has been producing high-quality tool bag sets since 1980. Being a pioneer of great tool belts, their 8580 M FatlLip is nothing but a top-quality classic best tool bag set. It does have a higher price tag, but definitely keeps the promise of superior quality with it.

Available Left-Handed Version

If you are a lefty or like to work with your left hand, the 8580 M does have good news for you. You can get the left-handed version of this tool belt if needed. That’s something unique for a tool belt set.

High-Quality Leather

This entire belt set is made from high-quality leather and rugged nylon that give the tool belt the necessary strength to carry on the loads.

Hand-Crafted Stitching

All the stitches you see on it are hundred-percent hand-crafted and carefully stitched. All the pressure points are carefully stitched to withhold heavy weights.

Adjust-To-Fit Mechanism

It comes with an ‘adjust-to-fit’ technique, that enables you to adjust the belt in whatever way you like. You can stretch or shrink it in opposite directions to alter the belt size. That means, anyone, be it a fat guy or a skinny lad, can wear the belt with a perfect fitting.

Variety of Pockets

Your comfort and convenience come first for Occidental. That’s why the toll bag set comes with 25 different pockets and tool holders. You probably don’t even use that many tools while you are passing a busy handy time. It’s more than enough for any type of project.

Strong Tool Holder

Sturdy and well-balanced tool holders will never cease to please you. For the NoSpill system of the tool holders, no tools will drop from the holders, no matter how shaky you are while working.


  • Comes with padded two-ply tool bags for great shape
  • Produced by abrasion-resistant nylon
  • A total of 25 pockets and holders
  • Adjust to fit system for better fitting
  • Prevents falling-off of tools by NoSpill system


  • The leather can stain your clothes if you are sweating a lot


This is a classic-looking great-quality tool belt set. If the price is not something that bothers you much and you are ready to trade the price off for superior output, consider the 8580 M tool bag set.

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03. DEWALT DG5617 20-Pocket Pro Tool Belt

DEWALT-DG5617-20-Pocket-Pro-Framer's-Combo-Apron-Tool-Belt-and-Yoke-style-SuspendersOur budget pick, DG5617 20-Pocket Pro, is from the Dewalt family. Dewalt has been producing top-quality tools for ages, and their tool belts are as competitive as their tools.

Unique Design

The belt is designed in a unique way that reduces stress on your waist. Its combo apron with suspenders makes it easy to attach to your body and fasten the belt tightly. This gives you more balance and managing capacity. It includes adjustable padded suspenders that help even the distribution of weight.

Maximum Tool-Holder

If you are looking for a tool belt that supports the maximum amount of tools in it, you should definitely look out for the DG5617. It has 20 different pockets to hold an array of tools – nail sets, pencils, parts, etc. There are basically 9 main pockets with plenty of other sub-pockets for convenient use.

Double-Tongue Roller Buckle

Having a double-tongue roller buckle makes sure that you are getting the extra comfort you need while you are working for hours. Moreover, this technique adds to the stability of the belt, as well.

Ergonomic Build-up

The belt is ergonomically designed for providing the utmost convenience for you. The padded back and wide straps support the weight and distribute it evenly. With the suspender attached, the belt carrying up to 15 pounds doesn’t seem to create any issues.

Sturdy Body

This sturdy belt is made from durable nylon. It gives the belt the necessary strength and makes it sturdy enough to withhold any wear-out situation. You just can’t tear it apart in any way. Plus, it’s abrasion-resistant and doesn’t get bothered by dirt, either. Just a simple clean-up, it’s all okay again.

Easy Carrying

The pouch handle on the upper side of the belt helps to adjust the strap and also allows you to carry the belt when necessary.

Extra Carrying Options

Zippered pockets ensure your valuables don’t fall off. In addition, a cell phone holder lets you carry your phone in the belt pocket, as well. You can keep your keys and other little possessions in your pocket, as well.


  • A large number of pockets count up to 20.
  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort
  • Made with durable nylon
  • Doule-tongue roller buckle for extra convenience
  • Cell phone and other valuable carriers


  • Cell-phone holder isn’t wide enough for smartphones


The Dewalt DG5617 tool belt is a belt of action. You can hold enough of your tools in it, and it comes with a budget-saving price tag. If you are looking for the best performer at a lower price, DG5617 should top your list.

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04. Occidental Leather 9850 Adjust-to-Fit Fat

Occidental-Leather-9850-Adjust-to-Fit-FatOur next pick is the 9850 Adjust-to-Fit leather tool belt from Occidental. As we have already mentioned, Occidental has a history of producing great-quality tool belts for decades. The 9850 does conform to this legacy with pride.


The leather tool belt is fully adjustable to the regular pant waist. If your pant size is ranging somewhere between 32-inch to 40-inch, this leather tool belt can fit you easily. This is helpful for winter or rainy seasons when you need to wear extra layers of clothes. You can still adjust the belt around your waist, thanks to its Adjust-to-Fit technique.

Nylon-Made Sturdy Pockets

The pockets are basically made from strong industrial nylon threads. The nylon-made bags are also supported by leather-reinforced bottoms and corners. The leather-patch works as extra safety for the pockets

Deeper Bags

The depth of bags and pockets are features that are commonly paid less attention to while purchasing a tool belt. Instead, the number of pockets gets the lion’s part of the consideration. However, in addition to having more than 20 pockets and holders, the leather 9850 tool belt has bags with a depth of 10 inches. You can put any tool, no matter how small, with optimum safety and convenience.

Better Pocket Placements

What matters the most while you are busy with a project that requires heavy loads of effort is the rhythm of your work. While working on a hectic project, the last thing you want is to look for the right tool every now and then. To ward off this pain in the neck situation, this intelligently designed tool belt places all the bags and pockets in easy-to-reach positions. It provides convenience to your work, and your hands get comfortable, as well.

A Broad Range of Pockets

The best part of this gear belt is, you get 24 different tool holders and pockets. Now put all your required and necessary tools at your fingertip reach. Never leave any of the crucial tools away from your workplace. To add to its perfection, the 9850 tool belt has a 2-in-1 hammer and tool holder at the end of the belt. Pre-installed D-ring suspension helps with suspending these tools to a great extent.


  • Adjustable for a wide range of waist size
  • Hand-specific bag and tool holder placement
  • 10-inch depth for bags
  • 24 different pockets and holders
  • Nylon-made body for a sturdy finish


  • The leather finish tends to wear off quickly


While this is a really strong and useful tool belt, it may attract more by its adjustability. If you are looking for an all-season tool belt, this can make a great option to consider.

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05. Dickies Work Gear 57023 – Tool Belt Suspenders

Dickies-Work-Gear-4-Piece-Carpenter's-RigThe Dickies work gear 57023 is built with top-class durability and resistance. This heavy-duty work gear with padded suspenders is hard to match a tool belt that comes with a great storage capacity.

Cooling Mesh Backed Belt

The belt is made from 5-inch moisture-absorbing cooling mesh. It can retain coolness for a long time, avoiding heating up. This gives you the perfect comfort, especially on hot summer days. It can be stretched to adjust from 32 to 50 inches, depending on your size and shape.

Comfortable Padded-Gel

The suspenders in the 57023 holds soft padded gel inside that gives you a comfortable feeling while wearing them. It carries heavy loads in it and equally distributes the weight throughout the carrier to eliminate any pressure and fatigue you may experience. It leaves very little room for any pain or stress on your lower back and hips. It’s a super comfortable tool belt.

Adjustable Belts

One thing that you would definitely expect from a hardware carrier is adjustability. Thanks to its thoughtful design on it, the 57023 has a full-adjustment system for both its front and back straps. You can take control of it by modifying the straps’ length and width that matches until it’s just perfect.

Plenty of Storage

When it comes to storage, you just can’t get enough of it from the Dickies work gear 57023. Here’s how you are getting the benefit. It has a couple of storages on both the right and left side primarily. While the left side has 3 large pockets with 3 smaller pockets and 2 tool loops, the right side has a total of 7 pockets. You can store a wide variety of tools and supplies in these pockets. These pockets are very easy-to-reach and don’t ask for a lot of searching to do.

Additional Storage

This carrier has room for additional storage for a steel-loop hammer holder. Also, you can put a phone in the elastic pocket on the suspender. Moreover, you can attach additional pouches to the outer accessory belt. These extra storages give you the absolute freedom to carry the tools that really matter to you.


  • Made from heavy-duty, durable canvas
  • Double-tongue secured steel roller buckle
  • Plenty of storage with an additional storage capacity
  • Suspenders include padded gel for great comfort
  • Adjustable belt straps


  • The carrier doesn’t have any slot for a speed square


The Dickies work  57023 is a true heavy-duty multi-storage carrier for tools. You can surely rely on Dickies Tools for its durability, versatility, and comfort.

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06. Occidental Leather 5590 LG Commercial Electrician’s Set

Occidental-Leather-5590-LG-Commercial-Electrician's-SetWhen we talk about quality, it can often be felt by just looking at a product. Occidental Leather’s 5590 LG is a product of that genre. It’s well-designed and strong, and it feels premium when you wear it.

Easy-to-Reach Tool Organizer

This set is specially designed to reduce or minimize your unnecessary movement. As a wood craftsman, you can easily relate to the hassle you need to go through when you need to keep asking yourself, “dern! Where did I put the pliers in?”. That’s because you don’t have a tool-organizing carrier that is designed with a hand-specific tool-organizing mechanism. You get that in the 5590-LG. All you got to do is extend your hand to the nearest position and pick the right tool up. It’s that easy.

No-spill Tool Holder

Stitched with strong industrial-quality nylon, the leather-patched tool holders ensure that your equipment doesn’t spill out. The depth of the tool holders is quite deep, and the inside of these pockets works with great friction so that hammers, pliers, etc. firmly stick to the pack. Even if you are occasionally bending while working, nothing will fall off.

Rearrangeable Pouches

There’re two pouches that you get with this electrician’s tool belt set. These pouches’ default position is on both sides of the buckle, but you can reposition those the way you want. These pouches are connected to the belt with a slide-in system, and that’s up to you, how to position these. You can put both on the same side if you want.


  • Well-organized hand-specific organizer
  • Engineered for modern electricians and craftsmen
  • Tool holders resist spilling
  • Adjustable pouch positions
  • Comfortable to put on


  • This belt set is a bit heavy to put on


The Occidental Leather’s 5590 LG is not only the best suiting set for an electrician, but it is also a good choice for any DIY enthusiast, as well. Apart from it being a bit heavy, it serves you the capacity to hold almost all the necessary tools with you. That’s a winning feature for us.

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07. Gatorback Professional Carpenter’s Tool Belt

Gatorback-Professional-Carpenter's-Tool-Belt-ComboLast but not least, we have the Gatorback Professional Tool Belt. Before you even look at the features, the look and feel of it are enough to send you a vibe that the material is strong and versatile.

An Array of Size

Unlike most tool-holding straps, the Gatorback Channel Pro comes with multiple size options. Whatever your waist size is, you will get one that suits you well. From small to 3XL, the belt is available in 6 different size ranges. Just measure your waist and order one accordingly. What is more surprising is Gatorback will make you a customized one if you don’t find the perfect fit in the available options.

Heavy-Duty Build-Quality

First of all, the entire strap and carrier are made from industry-quality DuraTek 1250 fabric. This gives the carrier a strong base to fight against wear and tear for a long time. The packs, pouches, and other parts of it are stitched with bar-tack stitching for exceptional durability. All the rivets used around it are strong metal ones for maximum safety and sturdiness.

Air-Ventilated Padding

It’s obvious that when you are using an extra layer of the carrier around your waist, it will cause the area to heat up and thus sweat. Well, not for the Channel Pro carrier. The strap is made from air-ventilated padding, and the fabric used is highly breathable. Enough air can pass through it providing your waist a way out to breathe.

Useful Boxed-Design

All the pouches and pockets are designed in a boxed shape for the maximum use of the hollow space. It improves accessibility and storage capacity. To hold on to this shape, all the main pockets have a plastic reinforcement stitched inside. This can help you put different smaller items inside and never lose them.

Leather Belt

The main strap is made of pure leather, which means top-class durability. The leather holes are held by double metal buckles for optimum security. This way, the strap won’t get loose or slide down. The genuine leather means wear and tear of the belt is not a near possibility, either.


  • Six different sizes are available
  • Comes with 14 different pockets and holders
  • Built with DuraTek 1250 fabric and stitched with bar-tack stitch
  • Breathable padded strap with enough air-flow
  • Box-shaped pockets for ultra-convenience


  • Becomes bulky when filled with items


This lightweight, genuine-leather made carrying strap is useful and affordable at the same time. It looks smart and delivers the service that it has to offer with precision. It can be a well-considered choice for any carpentry user.

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Best Leather Tool Belt Buying Guide

Best leather tool beltA tool belt is not a regular strap that you put on around your waist. It is a highly professional attire that requires many factors to consider before owning one. Your needs, build quality, weight, comfort, adjustability, and so on and so forth are to be mulled over before you find the seamless one for you. The following discussion is the key factors that you need to keep in your mind to select the ultimate tool carrying waist-strap for you.

Comfort Comes First

Without feeling proper comfort around your waist, you are not going to put on any attire, no matter how versatile and useful it is. A leather belt needs to have a great quality pad on the inner side of it that is going to be attached to your waist directly. If you can find the padded ones, you are in luck. It is going to give your waist a lot of comforts, and it will allow air to pass through it. This means you will not be suffering from sweating around your hips, even if it is a hot day. This is very handy for HVAC installation work with your tool belt.

Crave for the Long-Lasting Belt


Your tool strap is not just a band you put around your waist; it’s an investment. You will be using this for years to come in the future. So heavy-duty build quality is what you need to ensure in your band. There are a number of material types available for the tool belts you find in the market. To find the perfect one for you, you will have to put in some effort and choose wisely.

The oiled leather is so far the best material to go for. This is the sturdiest material you can find in your leather belt. It may come as somewhat heavy, but still worth it considering the fact that you need it for a long time.

Synthetic materials, like nylon or polyester, do make up some of the carriers available, but these are not the strongest of all. Not as strong as leather, at least. Still, if you are not using the belt on a regular basis, you can still go for it.

The heavy-canvas or multi-layered polyester materials are the fusion of oiled leather and synthetic materials. You get the weight of the oiled leather but with minimized durability. Belts built with these materials are best for household keeping.

Adjust-to-fit Option is a Winning One

A tool belt is just like another attire you wear around your waist. You need to consider the size and fitting of it very carefully. Most of the well-known brands produce straps with adjustable fittings. That means you can adjust the belt with your waist, no matter what size is. If you are looking for a nice kid tool belt, then choose the kid-size.

Again, if there is no adjust-to-fit option, there are bands that come with different size options to choose from. As we have discussed earlier, some models even have six different size ranges to meet your waist measurement. Moreover, a few manufacturers may even agree to customize the size for you if you can’t find the perfect match for you. Fitting is important as there are women’s tool belts also for a craft-loving person.

Customizable Belts Come in Handy


Not everyone has an equal choice. I may like two pockets on two extremes of the strap, while you may like both on your right side. That’s why a customizable belt is preferable. You can easily place the pouches or pockets anywhere you want at your own comfort and convenience.
Look for dedicated pockets

Having lots of pockets is too mainstream. If you are craving something unique, you better look for one that has dedicated pockets for special items, like pliers, measuring tapes, etc. These will help you locate these regularly used tools very easily.

Despite being mainstream, having a lot of pockets is also something you need to ensure. Without a good number of pockets, you will face difficulty in organizing most of your regularly needed appliances and gears.

Weight Matters

Yes, weight matters. If you are wearing a gear band around your waist, which is pulling your pants down or putting weight pressure on your waist, you may consider dumping it. The best gear belt to put on is a lightweight, yet sturdy and strong one. Find the one that is durable and heavyweight in case of strength, but lightweight in case of your comfort. It will make an easier job like carrying a tool belt in a roofing work situation.

Consider Pocket Placements

Gear belts feature an array of pocket types. Some have hanger-type pockets where you can hang the gears. These pockets will keep the tools in place while you bend over or climb up the ladder. These are really handy for any framer with a tool belt.

The ones with box-type, apron-style pockets on the sides can keep more items in them but are prone to spill while you are moving a lot during your task.

A mixture of these pockets makes the best carrying gear band. Make sure you find it out.

To Have a Suspender or Not

Gear bands are of two types. One is the one that you wear around your waist like a regular belt. It is just buckling up the hook and getting going. The other type is the suspender-attached tool belt, which lets your shoulder absorb some of the weight of the belt and provides a bit of extra comfort to your body while wearing it. It’s preferred to have the suspender version, but not absolutely a must.

Besides, you can make your own tool belt if you like by designing your own tool belt for customized use.

Final Words

While it may sound like an easy nut to crack to get a gear belt for your crafting works, in reality, it’s not at all. As we have discussed in our detailed buying guide, there are lots of aspects that you need to keep sharp eye on while buying one. We hope our in-depth discussion here has made it easy for you to find the best leather tool belt. We have shrunk down the list of leather tool belts into the top 7 of them, and you can definitely go for any of this list. Let us know which one you find the most suitable for you. We will be contented to hear from you!

Happy crafting!